Acai Wholesale Opportunity

Amazon Power The Original Acai is stocked throughout Australia (NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, WA, TAS nad ACT) over 2000 retailers, food services, gyms etc. Interested in stocking Amazon Power frozen organic products in your business? Do you want to distribute Acai in your region or country?

We supply frozen organic acai across NSW (Açaí New South Wales), QLD (Açaí Queensland), SA (Açaí South Australia) , WA (Açaí Western Austrtalia) and VIC (Açaí Victoria), this wholesale opportunity is for you.

Amazon Power Acai is the Trend, perfect product for your business as there is huge Acai demand by the consumers world wide. Amazon Power wholesale supplies the finest blend of Acai with Guarana, the original Brazilian recipe and Pure Acai Fruit Pulp. Our wholesale acai products are frozen and ready to serve.

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