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We have introduced Acai in Australian Market in 2004. Brows our organic range online

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Açaí is not just a superfood. It’s a lifestyle.

Amazon Power is the largest supplyer of Original Açaí Products in Australia.

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10 Seconds Acai Bowl

Imagine having an Acai Bar in your own shop?

Using the Amazon Power brand to promote your Organic Acai Bowls, with the Acai machines you will have the ability to serve your customers in less than 3 minutes!

  • Speed of Service
  • Consistency
  • Less waiting time for your customers
  • More Sales
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Reselling of Amazon Power Products in your Business?

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Just let the 10 kilo buckets defrost and put into the soft serve machine. It works perfectly with the Original Amazon Power Acai. You still serve the Acai bowls during power shortage or machine maintenance. Also you will be working with a brand that introduced Acai in Australia.

Original recipes to achieve the most concentrated and delicious blend.

Amazon Power always on a lookout to help and give to our community. Find out the latest news.


The voice of professionals from accross many different field. Pushing limits daily is the perfect environment to test.

Designed by professional athlets to maximise the return of Açaí goodnes for your hard work.

The Brazilian tradition of Acai Bowls began in the 1990s, in Rio de Janeiro, as a natural source of energy for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Athletes.  It was initially an after training meal, and very soon became popular to surfers, and beachgoers all around the country. The Brazilians used its creativity to develop fancy and funky recipes, and the Acai Bowls came into fashion. Amazon Power introduced the Acai in the Australian market in 2004, and after a few years, Australians brought the Acai Bowls recipes to a higher level. Try our Acai Bowls recipes and explore different tastes! Videos by our smiling Acai Lovers @anne.dossantos and @taiyomasuda

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