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Acai Bowl with Natural Yogurt

300gr 1 1/2 Amazon Power Smoothie Pack 200GR Sachet or(4 Scoops) from Amazon Power Original Acai Tubs 100gr 100gr of BlueBerries , 60ml of Coconut Water100gr of BlueBerries

Prep Time
1 to 2 minutes to prepare

Cook Time
1 to 2 minutes

Blend the Amazon Power Frozen Acai and other ingredients in a blender or hand mixer until it gets creamy and smooth. To help it blends add only 60 ml of Coconut Water. Serve it in a Bowl and top with Amazon Power Gourmet Granola plus Blueberries and Goji berries.

  • Category: Acai Bowl, Appetizers
  • Cousine: Brazilian
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