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Since the very beginning of time, man has been squatting down to hunter; gather food, light fire and even cook. Functional movements are those based on real everyday activities thus functional exercises assists the body to build pure functional strength resulting in better body movement.

Due to its intensity, squats are one of the greatest exercises as it creates an anabolic environment and stimulates HGH (growth hormone) and Testosterone, hormones that are vital for muscle growth. Consequently, the body maximizes gain from other exercises as well, improving both upper and lower body strength.

Other Benefits

Helps to increase flexibility by performing full range of motion and build stronger legs, which is essential for staying mobile.

Squatting helps athletes to boost their performance, jumping higher and running faster.

In order to burn more fat you need to gain more muscle, so if you build more muscle less fat you going to have.

Weak stabilizer muscles, ligaments and connective tissues are the most cause of athletic injuries. Strengthens muscles that are primary stabilizers of lower prevents injuries by improving mobility, flexibility and balance.

Squats are one of the most important movement patterns we have in rehabilitation. It is important to involve all muscles and activate core for better functioning.

Squat works more muscles than any other exercise. The only other exercise that gets similar benefits having a practical and functional use is deadlift.

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