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L-Sit Gymnastic the badass of core strength

L-sit exercise is considered a fundamental bodyweight exercise that improves core-conditioning programs and assists you to develop a solid foundation for other body weight exercises.

It improves shoulder strength and stability, which helps when doing deadlift exercises. Also builds functional core strength and upper body strength. This exercise is probably the most humbling abdominal workout.

So how can you do it?

Important points on how to perform L-sit

  • Chest must be up and out
  • Pull shoulders back and down
  • Back must remain straight
  • Knees locked out and straight
  • Toes pointed like a ballerina

Try to change the variations or hand position. You can start progressing by increasing 8 sec of the time, aiming to achieve 1 minute. Trying as many sets as you can do to achieve it set a goal and does it every time you workout.

Example: 10 sets of 6sec, rest 15sec – 6 sets of 10sec, rest 20sec – 5 sets of 12sec, rest 20sec – 4 sets of 15sec, rest 30sec – 3 sets of 20sec, rest 40-30sec – 2 sets of 30sec, rest 45-60sec

Variations that you can try: Chair L-sit – Tuck L-sit – One-leg straight L-sit

Advance: V-sit – L-sit on the rings

It’s best training every day, as fresh as possible. L-sit can be done anywhere, so there are no excuses not to build a stronger core foundation.

L-Sit Gymnastic the badass of core strength
L-Sit Gymnastic the badass of core strength
L-Sit Gymnastic the badass of core strength
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