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Organic Raw Protein Vanilla Powder

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Ultimate Protein Powder Vanilla 1Kg Bag

Amazon Power is proudly distributing the best Raw Vegan Protein in the market. From Eden Health Foods an Australian Company with reputation for making high quality healthy supplements and foods. Perfect Protein to add into your Smoothies and Acai Bowls; It as protein for everyone ! Natural Pure Raw meal supplement.

Certified Organic

  • Sprouted and Biofermented: means 98.2% assimilation. No protein powder on the planet can match this sort of biovailability and digestability
  • 100% Raw means the highly digestable protein content is intact and not denatured or destroyed in any way
  • 80% Protein with a perfectly balanced amino acid profile and over 27g of protein per serve
  • 98% Correlation to mother's milk and 96% Correlation with whey protein
  • Wholegrain Brown Rice Protein powder
  • Vanilla Flavour
  • 1kg bag

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