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“Discover the ‘Superfood’ High-Energy People Are Using To Achieve Peak Body Performance That Will Explode Your Energy Levels AND Make You FEEL TERRIFIC!”


Introducing Amazon Power’s New Acai Powder:
Premium Quality Certified Organic 100% Pure Freeze Dried Acai
Berry Now At Your Fingertips In Ultra Convenient Powder.


Hi, my name is Americo Tognetti and I’m the Director of Amazon Power, Australia’s leading supplier of Acai berry products.acai powder 150g

You may already know about Acai, the amazing berry from the Amazon jungle. But did
you also know that Yale University Medical School graduate and Best- selling Author
Dr Nicholas Perricone, recently shook up the medical community by declaring the Acai
berry one of the most powerful “Superfoods” in the world?

And the Acai rave reviews just keep stacking up…

Oprah described Acai as “one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world.”

The New York Times reported: “this Brazilian fruit is rich in antioxidants, and amino acids,
and it is also thought to be one of the most nutritional fruits from the Amazon Rain Forest.”

The London Times reported: “this fruit delivers such high nutritional values that it makes
other fruits blush with inadequacy.”

Vogue Magazine named Acai as “the next big workout cocktail”.

As more and more professional athletes, peak performance individuals and other celebrities
turn to the Acai berry to unlock ‘unlimited’ energy, power up their stamina and combat
premature ageing, isn’t it time you got in on the Acai berry action and achieved radiant good health too?

Packing an explosive nutritional punch, Acai is one of the highest rated antioxidant fruits in the world, and is said to offer powerful protection against everything from aging and wrinkling of skin to diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

But what is Acai? The Açaí fruit (pronounced ah–sigh–ee) is a delicious Brazilian berry that tastes like a mouth-watering blend of berries and dark chocolate.

The berry itself is small, round and a deep purple in colour. Açaí berries are also very rare, found only atop Acai palm trees in the Amazon rainforests of South America.

What Amazon Power has done is packaged this amazing berry for you as convenient Powder that are convenient to store, carry and take anywhere you like to enjoy the rapid nutrient boost and powerful energy kick of the Acai berry whenever you need it.

Amazon Power Acai Powder are Certified Organic and contain 100% Acai fruit, freeze-dried – nothing else!



Acai Helps Fight Free Radicals In Your Body…women-free-radicals

Free radicals, and the damage they can do to your body at the cellular level, have received a lot of
attention in the last few years. The oxidative stress caused by free radicals is implicated in
everything from aging and wrinkling of skin to DNA damage, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

This is clearly an issue for anyone concerned about their health, and for those who want to look
and feel younger.

The good news is that you’re not left to the ravages of these free radicals. Antioxidants offer
powerful, effective protection for your body and cells against their oxidative stress, by blunting
the damaging effects of free radicals.

But, how do you tell which foods or other natural substances offer you the best protection from
the damaging effects of free radicals?

By checking the product’s ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) value per 100grams.




Remember, the higher the ORAC number, the stronger the antioxidant properties and the greater the benefits to your health!orac-diagram

Health authorities around the world recommend that we consume 3,000 to 5,000
ORAC units daily.

So, what’s the easiest way to meet that target?

Fruits and vegetables tend to have the highest ORAC values, with apples scoring
218 per 100 grams, bananas a 221 and blueberries 2,400.

What about fresh Acai?

Acai has an amazing 5,500 ORAC score.

Even more amazing…

Amazon Power Acai Powder actually have an ORAC value of 73,500 per 100 grams!

With the “off the charts” ORAC value of Amazon Power Acai Powder, you can help your body fight free radicals with ease…

Reaching your recommended daily dose of antioxidant-rich goodness is as simple as adding 2 serves of Amazon Power Acai Powder, three times per day to your diet, giving you a massive 2,100 ORAC per day in 3 convenient servings

Or you could eat 8 bananas per day… definitely not as easy!



Who is Amazon Power Acai Powder for?

Amazon Power Acai Powder are perfect for you if you:acai powder 150g

Lead an active lifestyle and need a food for all-day energy

Want to improve sporting intensity and shorten recovery times.

Experience high levels of work-related stress

Have many late nights or early mornings

Aspire to maintaining peak health, fitness, energy and vitality


The product is packaged conveniently so you get the maximum energy kick in minimum time. And an added bonus is that we will deliver them straight to your door, anywhere in Australia!






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Americo Tognetti
Chief Energetic Officer
Amazon Power

P.S. You will love the boost from these incredible organic Acai Powder and the health benefits are profound and immediately noticeable. So give yourself this gift. After all, you work hard and this “Superfood” will help you perform at peak level, more consistently. Plus, you’ll be helping the Amazon rain forest which is very important for the health of our planet. There’s no downside! Simply click here to choose your preferred ordering option now.

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