Pilates Exercises

Pilates Exercises

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Rita Barbosa is a Former professional ballerina trained at “Municipal Theatre of Sao Paulo” and “Royal Academy of Dancing – London” and has over 30 years of experience in dance companies and Broadway Musicals.

She is qualified Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer, Tai Chi instructor and Pilates for rehabilitation instructor.

"I believe that movement is synonymous with health, wellbeing and fitness." Rita Barbosa

  • Hamstring Lenghthening Hamstring Lenghthening

    This excellent exercise with single arm support helps to improve posture, upper limb weight bearing, alignment, core control and lower limb lengthening.

  • Inverted with Spine Rotation Inverted with Spine Rotation

    This exercises benefits hamstrings stretching, upper limb proprioception, strengthening the core/obliques muscles, balance challenge and upper body strengthening.

  • Inverted with Swiss Ball Inverted with Swiss Ball

    This posture promotes spine extension with shoulder/ neck organization, core control, balance challenge, hamstring strengthening and upper/lower body lengthening.

  • Leg Pull Leg Pull

    Leg Pull exercise aims pelvis stability and hip disassociation, arms proprioception, core control. Obviously strengthening of upper extremities and hip extensors.

  • Side Lift Side Lift

    The Side Lift exercise is a potential challenge for shoulder stability, gluteus mid activation, legs strength, axial elongation, core control and balance. It is an advanced exercise for shoulder rehabilitation.

  • Single Leg Stance Single Leg Stance

    This position with diagonal reaching builds up core control, balance and grace.

  • Teaser Teaser

    This advanced effortful exercise strengthen the core, promotes spine articulation into flexion, general endurance, balance control and head/neck/shoulder organization.

  • Thoracic Spine Extension Thoracic Spine Extension

    Articulation of Thoracic Spine with roller develops rib and thoracic mobility into extension, improving posture.