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The Jiu-Jitsu Community & Acai Bond

In the 1960's, the famous Gracie jiu-jitsu family recommended eating Acai before and after workouts due to the fruit benefits. The Gracie family are considered the original masters of the blend, started blending Acai with banana and guarana. Since then, it has gone from a training secret to a daily ritual for all the jiu-jitsu athletes, surfers and all health conscious people in Brazil and around the world. Read more

Gold Coast BodyBoard Club 2016

Amazon Power proudly supports The Gold Coast Bodyboard Contest 2016 powering up all the athletes with the Original Acai.

Sanduba Sydney

We are very excited to welcome Sanduba to the Amazon Power family. Sanduba gets it’s name from the Brazilian nickname for ‘sandwich’. This Sydney CBD sandwich and coffee bar is conveniently located on George Street, at the Suncorp building. They bake fresh bread on premises, and create gourmet sandwiches with delicious fillings. Sanduba serves Original Acai bowls and smoothies. Grab an Original Acai bowl for a quick breakfast, and a fantastic gourmet sandwich for lunch!

Owen Wright’s Perfect 20

Amazon Power are so pleased to congratulate Owen Wright, especially during his superhuman victory at Fiji Pro surf competition recently. Owen received the impossibly high score of a perfect 20 which has propelled him to the quarter finals. We wish you a well-deserved congratulations!

The Amazon Power acai berry is packed with vitamins, and provides mounds of energy to help you perform at the top of your game. Add some acai to your next smoothie or dessert to help you achieve your own perfect 20!

Quincy Symonds

Quincy Symonds is an Amazon Power surfer hailing from Queensland’s Gold Coast. Not only is she an incredible surfer (and skater, soccer, football, rugby, and XBox enthusiast), Quincy is just six years old! This energetic young lady is always eager to be in the surf and improving her already amazing surfing skill. Check out the fantastic video, Quincy, shot by Sean Slobodan and James Winegar. We’re so happy to support Quincy, and can’t wait for her future successes!

Proudly powering Matt Levy

Amazon Power are extremely proud to be powering Matt Levy, Australian mutli-medalist at the London 2012 Paralympics. "By taking acai, it has allowed me to excel at my chosen sport of swimming. The energy and aid in recovery allows me to be at my optimal level. I use the freezer acai product to help me get through my swim training. I train 7-8 sessions per week for the Paralympics and it helps enormously for my energy levels. Through the power of Amazon Power acai!" – Matt Levy. We couldn’t be happier to be supporting Matt’s swimming successes. Onwards and upwards!

Vitor Hugo’s skate park initiative

The Amazon Power ambassador Vitor Hugo has taken part in an international initiative to make the world a healthier, happier place. In 2014, Vitor and a group of friends visited beautiful Siargao Island, in The Philippines. This island is a popular surf destination, however its community is impoverished. With the helping hands of Vitor and his friends, they built a skate park to benefit the children of this disadvantaged island.

They have filmed a short documentary which shows their visit to Siargao Island, the local community, and the building of the skate park. They intend to release this documentary online, and raise funds to make a return trip to the community of Siargao Island to continue their work.

Thank you Amazon Power W.A.!

The Amazon Power Western Australia Distributors did an incredible job supporting the Margaret River Drug Aware Pro for another year! We can’t wait for next year to see the excitement of the Drug Aware Pro surf competition unravel. Thank you so much to Luis, Yuri and the Team!

Congratulations Adriano de Souza!

Amazon Power wants to wish a huge congratulations to Adriano de Souza from Brazil – the 2015 world number 1! Your hard work and training has certainly paid off. We are so proud of you for taking the win for your home of Brazil! (and knocking out your competition John John Florence.)

There’s no stopping Jordan Lawler

Jordan Lawler is a Junior Pro Surfer hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. His passion for surfing has translated to many successes in surfing competitions over the years. In 2014 Jordan suffered a surfing accident which left him with a blow to the head and many gashes over his body.

When most people would lose their confidence, Jordan recovered and quickly got back on the waves of his home beach, North Narrabeen Beach. His tenacity, endurance and ability to bounce back prove he is powered by Amazon Power acai- and has been since the young age of 13!

Michael Chan: powered by acai

If you need to see the results of Amazon Power acai, then look no further than the incredible Michael Chan. Michael is a professional lifesaver from Burleigh Heads on the stunning Gold Coast. He is a member of the Quicksilver Pro Water Patrol, and has experienced many victories in various Surf Life Saving competitions.

Last week at the Queensland State Titles, Michael swept his competition away. He won to silver medals for his individual board race and Ironman race in the Masters age category. Michael also competed in the 40-44 years board race with Mick DiBetta which resulted in silver. He won gold with Mick DiBetta and Chris Maynard in the 130+ years board relay, and bronze in the 130+ years taplin relay with team mates Mick DiBetta and Daniel Cowper.

Michael’s outstanding competition results speak for themselves. His athletic prowess is a testament to his healthy and active lifestyle – powered by Amazon Power acai.

Jordy Lawler Going Big!

When people talk about surfing in South-East Asia, they invariably mean one of Indonesia’s 17,000 islands and their respective, wave-blessed coastlines. Almost 3000km north, Taiwan is one of surfing’s newest Oriental frontiers, and the industrious island already plays host to a WQS event – the Taiwan Open of Surfing. Top honours at the event’s 2014 incarnation went to North Narrabeen’s Jordy Lawler, where he was up against surfers from Indonesia, Japan and even a 14-year-old from Hong Kong with the fittingly unique moniker of Wolf. People often say that getting there is half the fun, but for one of Jordy’s first outings against the wolves of the ’QS, getting to Taiwan was an absolute bloody mission.