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How to gain the additional performance, sharpness, DOMINANCE, and physical superiority you’ve been seeking…

Amazon Power, one of the most trusted suppliers of Amazonian superfoods, received its first shipment of an extremely rare and previously undiscovered berry that may be the world’s most potent and powerful nutritional supplement…especially when taken with Amazon Power’s super-concentrated Acai powder and capsules.

Introducing the Maqui Berry which grows in Patagonia,
one of the cleanest regions in the world.

Maqui offers extra-powerful antioxidant properties…
the most powerful we’ve found…

Dear healthy friends:

Have you been looking for that extra edge, sharpness, and super-explosive energy?maqui berry

Do you want to kick your performance into overdrive quickly and at will and feel totally UNBEATABLE?

Are you looking for a way to feel extra-healthy and truly at your very best?

Maintaining that ‘beyond peak’ level of health and performance is difficult. But not impossible…especially with the help of a brand-new natural supplement we’re pleased to introduce to the Australian market for the first time.

I’m Americo Tognetti, the Director of Amazon Power, Australia’s leading supplier of Acai berry and related nutritional supplements.

When we introduced Acai to the Australian market a few years ago, I was extremely excited. Here was a nutritional aid that offered so much to so many.

What have people gained (and are continuing to gain) from Acai?

Increased energy and libido.

Vastly improved stamina.

Cleansing and detoxification leading to fewer doctor visits.

Defense against the free radicals that cause cancer, diabetes, heart disease, liver damage, premature aging, and the major medical issues causing death and disability.

And much more…especially when they choose Amazon Power’s ultra-concentrated versions of Acai.

One of the major benefits of Acai? On the days when we can’t eat all the fruit and vegetables recommended by doctors for peak health (just about every day!) a single Acai tablet can hammer health-destroying free radicals.

And the media backed up the science.

Yale University Medical School graduate and best-selling Author Dr. Nicholas Perricone declared the Acai berry one of the most powerful “Superfoods” in the world. Oprah described Acai as “one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world.” The New York Times reported: “this Brazilian fruit is rich in antioxidants, and amino acids, and it is also thought to be one of the most nutritional fruits from the Amazon Rain Forest.”

“What’s the perfect match for Acai?” you’ve asked. I found the answer: the Maqui berry.

Acai Berry from Amazon Power is one of our most consistently successful nutritional supplements. However, at Amazon Power, we’re always looking for even better natural supplements.

You see, while many of Amazon Power’s loyal customers are pleased with the type of excellent results they receive from our full range of Acai products, Amazon Power customers are constantly looking for that next level. And they want to achieve this ‘beyond peak’ performance naturally.


What makes Maqui especially powerful?

Maqui is a deeply purpled berry found in Patagonia. It may be the most powerful natural antioxidant I’ve come across. Maqui berries contain extremely high levels of phenolic, aspolyphenols, fiber, anthocyanins, plus more than ample calcium, potassium, iron and more.

Free radicals can destroy our health and we all needs foods and supplements rich in antioxidants—these ‘seek’ and ‘destroy’ free radicals.

The key measure of antioxidant power is the oxygen radical absorption capacity (ORAC) value. Acai berry ORAC values are high but ORAC values for Maqui are off the scale.

Taken with Acai from Amazon Power, Maqui berry supplements can provide additional potent protection against the negative effects of free radicals and can help:

Reduce high blood pressure.

Keeps Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) from oxidation.

Protects cells from oxidative ageing and stress.

Neutralize certain enzymes that cause inflammation and pain.


One additional reason I’m so excited about Maqui?

It comes to us directly from Patagonia, one of the purest and most untouched regions of the world. Remember, free radicals are impurities. So it makes sense that a berry from an especially clean part of the world would provide additional ammunition in the battle against free radicals.



Now available for the first time from Amazon Power

I’m delighted to offer Maqui in capsule form for Australians who are serious about their health and serious about achieving a massively improved level of performance in sports, work, training, relationships, and more. Taken in tandem with super-concentrated Acai from Amazon Power, Maqui offers the highest level of antioxidant power I know.


Completely backed by the Amazon Power 100% Guarantee

Because Maqui is new to Amazon Power, I’m backing it with a no-risk guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with Maqui, return the packaging within 30 days and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

It’s been a while since a new supplement made me go ‘wow!’

Why am I so excited about Maqui? It’s the supplement that takes all the benefits of Acai to the next level and it can help everyone achieve ‘beyond peak’ performance.




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To Your Health and Success,






Americo Tognetti
Chief Energetic Officer
Amazon Power

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