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Benefits of fruit Acai Berry in Australia

With the most pure, potent and easily absorbed forms of this amazing Amazonian super-fruit available anywhere!

Dear High Performer,

My name is Americo Tognetti, and welcome to Amazon Power – the Australian home of the Acai fruit one of the most powerful sources of nutrition in the world. This berry was listed first in Dr Nicholas Perricone’s (bestselling author, Yale graduate ) list of super foods and for good reason.

“It may seem odd to start this list of super foods with one you’ve likely never even heard of. But studies have shown that this little berry is one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world!”

Dr. Perricone

If you lead a high performance, active life then this is for you.. You might be up to big things in your career or you love exercise and fitness and need extra stamina.

Either way it’s important you have full energy vitality and strength. And that is what the Acai berry gives you – 100% supercharged energy.


How Two Brazilian beach-lovers Brought Acai to Australian shores

It all began when I and my friend Neville Goncalves migrated to Australia in the late 90s. We loved the way Australians enjoy life – the beach culture, sports in general and the easygoing lifestyle.

We thought to ourselves “this is something we could get used to!”

And, we got so much out of Australia that we wanted to give back…….. We realized that one thing that we could share with our new homeland are the exotic fruits from Brazil such as the famous Acai fruit from the Amazon Rainforest.

As you can see by the testimonials down the side bar, the fruit has been a big hit! Athletes, sports champions, high performing workplace stars, all use the Acai berry to supercharge their results.

Which is great…… we get to make a huge difference with them.

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Our Mission is to Save The ‘Lungs of the Planet’
The Amazon Rain Forest

Our mission is to deliver quality of life to this planet. People have already done too much damage and something has got to be done quickly. This amazing place has so much to give, the abundant river, the most pure oxygen, the fruits of the forest (like the amazing Acai) and other natural resources.

Destruction and deforestation of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest is a serious challenge for us. It is called the “lungs of the planet” because of the huge amounts of oxygen produced by its trees.

In fact it is home to up to 30 per cent of the world’s animal and plant life. It is claimed that the increase in deforestation is mainly due to increased logging and clearing by local people.

The sustainable harvest of the Acai, one of our chief products, will present hope to the Amazon forest and its villages’ economies. It offers them an alternative means of earning money and could enable local villagers and indigenous tribes to stop the cutting down of forest to sell wood, or cease the trafficking of native wildlife.

And the beauty is that the harvest of Acai fruit is done manually without having to cut the palm tree.

Perhaps you are interested in being our partner and supporter in this? If so, great, we have found a friend in you.

Go and check out how you can have this great nutritional fruit in your life today…

Discover how you can help save the Amazon and have the Acai berry fuelling your performance

We love Australia and we love the Acai Berry. We know you will as well.

To your Health and Success


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